Cancer – STOP it NOW

The occurrence of cancer is secondary to a pattern of energetic disharmony in the body, initially unrecognized by the immune system. The causes of this disharmony are numerous and need to be detected and harmonized in order to deal with them preventatively. The disharmony is caused by many stressors in our metabolism. I present on HOW we can modulate epigenetic expression and energetically release stress on our metabolism.

We already know how to prevent cancer by avoiding:
Radiation, Toxin exposure and a bunch of bad lifestyle choices.
What I want to highlight and bring to the forefront are 3 overlooked categories:
1) Allergies are a big group of stressors which wreak havoc in our bodies and confuse the immune system. Our present understanding of allergies is inadequate. Allergies can be viewed as disharmony within the body’s intercellular communication system, a form of metabolic disharmony. This disharmony produces inflammation which produces inumerable symptoms: pain, hives, headaches, phlegm, brain fog, ovarian cysts, cystic breasts, even auto-immune diseases. But most importantly, it compromises the Immune System, allowing for predispositions for cancer to become expressed.
2) A second group of stressors wearing down the immune system over time, allowing cancer to be expressed are latent infections. Chronic viruses, such as human papilloma virus (HPV), are known to cause cervical cancer and many scientists believe they are also involved in ovarian cancer and likely in some breast cancers. There are many different subspecies of HPV and other pathogens that have the potential, to cause energetic disarray. CMV (Cytomegalo virus) has been shown to cause the deadly brain cancer Glioblastoma.
Viruses are particularly dangerous in the sense that they embed themselves into our DNA, where they can become permanent and over time, alter the purpose of a cell and express cancer. So, detecting the virus’ presence by identifying its energetic imprint is essential, and can be extremely helpful in realizing that a chronic immune challenge may be present.
3) The third group is emotions such as anxiety, fear, guilt, anger or sadness all weaken the immune system by triggering the body’s stress response. These emotions have electromagnetic energy patterns which can be detected and harmonized with modern quantum biofeedback software technology and by other techniques including hypnosis. 

This energetic disharmony described, is recognized by Traditional Chinese Medicine and addressed with acupuncture through it’s meridian system, simply by removing blockages within these energy channels.
Integrating this ancient wisdom with the modern science of epigenetics, I look at the meridian system as the internet of the body, communication channels of the 100 trillion cells that make up the human body. This Qi energy flowing through these meridians can be considered as information; information from the cells metabolic activities. Information is energy, and we can break down this Life Force energy (or Qi) into unique frequencies and identify them for the metabolic details they are conveying.
In Western scientific terms, this Life Force represents cellular communications within cell signaling pathways. It is our epigenetic expression that manages all the stressors every second of every day. This God given survival mechanism includes defenses against all immune threats, including emerging cancers. It also includes the entire metabolism of:
• digesting food,
• absorbing nutrients,
• activating nutrients as happens with methylation
• metabolizing those nutrients at the cellular level.

The DNA, the software which holds the knowledge of all the thousands of enzymes, immune factors, hormones and neurotransmitters which manage the metabolism, is located in the nucleus of each of the 100 trillion cells. Damage in the form of new mutations and SNPs occur daily. Fortunately the DNA also repairs itself daily, just like all other tissues in the body.
SNPs are Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms, the simplest forms of mutations, when one of the rungs of the DNA ladder is switched out.
We’ve inherited thousands of SNPs from our parents and have aquired more throughout our lives. Half of these mutations each parent will pass on to their children. It is the environment in which each cell finds itself, that determines which genes are being turned on or off. Also the environment influences which gene is being expressed. However, these SNPs add lots of stress into ordinary metabolic processes.!

So what can be done to identify bad genes or suppress their expression and what can be done to overcome genetic predisposition?
We can reduce the incidence of cancer by paying attention to the intercellular communication patterns and listening to the body’s cries about disharmony and inflammation. I use a Quantum Biofeedback software technology, the IMAET System to scan for thousands of stressors. With the SHOW Method,an Energy Balancing Technique, we can modulate and de-stress very specific metabolic stressors causing allergies and sensitivities of all kinds. We can also focus the Immune System on hidden infections in this way.

HOW does it work? With the SHOW Method concept we can communicate with the Immune System in real time and focus it on particular infections. The fact is that our Immune System most of the time is working on multiple infections. We hold the concept that only once the Immune System is overwhelmed and we’re deathly ill, do we have an infection. Detecting a pathogen early on, is most crucial and the energetic signature of a virus is a new way of realizing the presence of a virus. Once we are aware of the virus, we can then mobilize the immune system and help focus its formidable defenses on eliminating a particular latent or chronic virus, or other pathogen, through energetic feedback protocols such as the SHOW Method. These energetic interactions with the immune system happen through the same communication channels, the meridians, as do metabolic events. Why? Because the details of immune function are also epigenetic expressions of knowledge stored in the DNA.

Lyme Disease

LYME Disease and Your Immune System

Lyme disease is more common than one may think. It is sometimes called the Hidden Epidemic or the Great Imitator, and is spread by ticks, which penetrate the skin (in order to suck blood) and infect the host with a bacteria called Borrelia Burgdorferi. “Many practitioners and scientists, including myself, believe,” says Dr. Straile, the originator of the SHOW Method, “that certain mosquitoes may also transmit this spirochete bacteria as well as many other nastys.” (West Nile Virus, EEE Virus etc.) So, the best insurance against all kinds of infections is YOUR Immune System. Unleash it!

Fact #1: More people are affected by Lyme disease each year than breast cancer, yet we rarely think about Lyme as the cause of our medical maladies.

Fact #2: 300,000+ people are infected with Lyme disease each year.

Fact #3: Most people who contract the disease, do so without a bull’s eye rash or tick bite to help with diagnosis!
Functional Forum Evolutionary Medicine,James Maskell

The initial sign (within 24-48 hrs) is a “bulls eye” rash, which may be as small as a dime, and a fever. At that acute stage antibiotics are appropriate and may help. After the acute stage of 1 – 3 months, Lyme becomes chronic, elusive, and difficult to treat successfully with conventional methods only.

“The SHOW Method’s complementary and alternative approach to the Lyme disease phenomenon is holistic and epigenetic,” says Dr. Straile “A complete overhaul of all systems is required,” he continues, “which uses kinesiology, acupressure, Biofeedback, the SHOW Method, Immune Modulation and Whole Food supplements. The Immune System itself must be activated and unleashed to fight the battle successfully and quickly.”
The human immune system is a product of many thousands of years of testing and challenging. Only the strongest immune systems survived. We are those survivors, we have those incredible immune systems. Consider working on strengthening the Immune System by eliminating known and hidden allergies and sensitivities. These inflammatory conditions confuse and burden the immune system, often even causing serious auto-immune conditions. This obviously weakens the effectiveness of the Immune System.
Our Immune System is at the core of our survival and therefor is intertwined with our metabolism. Both systems require a healthy environment and a healthy genetic predisposition. The environment we can control with many mindful measures, the genetic predispositions and shortcomings from SNPs and simple mutations we can influence energetically with the SHOW Method. This is a precision stress reduction method which strives to harmonize epigenetic expression through biofeedback. The SHOW Method is an Energy Balancing Procedure (EBP) directly addressing epigenetic expression.

Chronic LYME and Co-infections:
LYME frequently ‘goes chronic’. With this comes the phenomenon of multiple co-infections. HOW does one find them and deal with them: The SHOW Method communicates with the Immune System through the Meridian System of TCM (acupuncture). The Meridians which carry the Qi energy, are the Internet of the 100 trillion cells of the body. It is through those channels of energy that we can communicate with the DNA of each cell. And the DNA holds the knowledge of Immune function. We can thus activate specific parts of the Immune System and UNLEASH our own Immune System to help eliminate pathogens:
Bacteria – Borrelia, Bartonella, Ricketsia
Viruses – Epstein Barr, HPV, West Nile
Parasites – Plasmodium, Rope worm, Giardia, Trichomonas
Fungii – Aspergillus Fumigatus, Mycotoxins

The SHOW Method uses the communication channels for the Immune System through the Qi energy meridians. By using precise homeopathic frequencies for many pathogens, one can sense these buggers and then focus, alert and unleash the Immune System on a particular pathogen through a biofeedback treatment. This usually requires a series of sessions and support with potent natural medicines.