• Autism, STOP it Now.
  • The prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD is now one out of 68 children and one out of 46 boys. The cost of having a child on the Spectrum is significant, both emotionally and financially for the parents and for society.
  • A debate has raged for decades now on what causes Autism and how to deal with it. ASD appears to manifest between 2 and 4 years of age. The discussion has been very subjective even though science is often quoted in the justification of viewpoints. Many mothers have observed their children to have changed right after receiving a vaccination. The medical establishment vehemently denies any connection. And there are other triggers being argued about. A solution is not available. Almost half of children identified with ASD have average or above average intellectual ability. Early recognition, as well as behavioral, educational, and family therapies may reduce symptoms and support development and learning. I have observed, that changing genetic expression, ideally with the expecting parents, but also with the developing infant can help reduce the incidence of ASD.
  • Genetic mutations trigger Autism.
  • I treat allergy related autism by desensitizing the individual from their food and environmental sensitivities with an Advanced Stress Reduction™ technique called the SHOW Method. But what if we could PREVENT Autism altogether. I think we could reduce the incidence numbers. HOW?!
  • If we scan parents or infants with the ASR Biofeedback™ software for their energetic profiles, meaning a database of foods, chemicals and microbes, and then harmonize their emerging epigenetic stressors through, we can potentially neutralize many of these triggers before they cause functional damage. We want to harmonize the infant’s epigenetic expression! That includes taking stress out of the metabolism, like allergies / sensitivities, up-regulating detoxification and improving the Immune system.
  • Pregnant women who catch the flu or have a fever that lasts over one week have a higher risk of giving birth to a baby with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, researchers from the University of Aarhus, Denmark, reported in the journal Pediatrics.
  • There’s plenty of proof that AUTISM is related to genetic predispositions. Meaning, mutations and SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms) in the DNA, which is also known as the genome. More than 140 genes have been mentioned in scientific papers in the context of ASD. The obvious questions is: well ok, but what can you do about it.! A LOT !! One has to realize, that the DNA is the most vibrant, resonating material of life. Given to us by The Almighty and evolved over thousands of years with one purpose only – to LIVE, Reproduce and to SURVIVE in our environment.
  • So yes, the DNA changes, it adapts to demands from the environment. It’s a living thing. Pliable like a sponge and ready to respond to the daily demands of life. Far from being made of stone.
  • AUTISM – Prevent it NOWThere are mechanisms build into the DNA to repair itself every day, minute by minute. Just like every other tissue in the body. But, there is another phenomenon to be aware of. Over the thousands of years, we have accumulated many mutations in our DNA. In fact, everybody has thousands of these mutations and SNPs, Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms, the switched out little rungs on the DNA ladder. Not just a few, but many thousands. And what makes you and me different for susceptibility is the spread of these mutations across the DNA. Which is why one sibling may develop Autism and another may not.
  • The very fragile, precious and most powerful and amazing DNA.
  • 3 Billion links of DNA are populated across our Genome, another word for functional DNA, and thousands of mutations are mixed in and hidden within our DNA. These mutations and SNPs cause serious metabolic stress like allergies and inflammation. The GOOD NEWS is, We can find many of those mutations with genetic testing, and even more exciting, I have discovered that we can harmonize their expression through precision energy treatments (ASR Biofeedback™, SHOW Method, NAET and others) and that, I believe and have observed, can change genetic predisposition.
  • What do we have to do to change genetic predispositions?
  • We have to think energetically. Subtle energies can harmonize genetic expression. Genes can be addressed or communicated with by subtle energies, meaning certain (electromagnetic) frequencies. In the practical real world I do this by harmonizing genes associated with allergies, sensitivities and latent infections. Whether detected by conventional testing or not. We can detect them energetically through Kinesiology testing or with ASR Biofeedback™ technology. These allergies, sensitivities and latent infections present as energetic stressors to the metabolism – to the body. And that’s how we can detect them. That’s also how we alleviate these metabolic stressors, with energy balancing feedback techniques. And low and behold, the body changes functionally. Many allergies can be eliminated at this specific, detailed level of biofeedback, and thus harmonizing epigenetic function.
  • There are limitations to physical medicine. i.e. being diagnosed with an allergy to dust mites is a bit useless. There is no gene responsible for ‘Dust Mites’. But there are genes responsible for:
    • Vitamin B12 metabolism
    • Calcium Metabolism
    • Vitamin D metabolism
    • breakdown of phenolics in peanuts etc.
  • There are certain genes responsible to:
    • detoxify food colors
    • food preservatives
    • vaccination toxins
  • We can de-stress the SNPs and mutations within these specific gene functions by harmonizing their expression with very specific subtle energies and frequencies (ASR Biofeedback). If we do this early on in an infants’ life, the chances of an adverse reaction to the many chemicals and substances they need to be able to process (detox) in their modern lifestyles are greatly reduced. And that fact reduces the numbers of triggers which can express Autism. How exciting is that!!So, we want to become aware of the fact, that one can significantly influence genetic expression – for the worse with unhealthy lifestyle choices but most importantly for the better, with healthy lifestyle choices and precision energy treatments and ASR Biofeedback™.
  • The SHOW Method, which is the method by which the individualized ASR Biofeedback protocols are administered, reduces epigenetic stress caused by inborn mutations and SNPs and can harmonize genetic expression of the body’s metabolism. This improves the child’s metabolism to process food and nutrients without allergic reaction, detoxing waste products and chemicals more efficiently, and eliminating latent infections effectively.
  • All this is possible simply by avoiding drugs and toxins as much as possible and honoring the body’s inborn code of life and survival by empowering it with harmonizing energetic treatments and healing even our genetic imperfections. Preferably with the consciousness that we are imperfect and in anticipation of bumps in the journey of life. We can prevent a lot of Autism NOW by being pro-active about our genetic predispositions.
  • Autism

Getting Rid of Asthma

ASTHMA – Inflammation of the Airways
“Caused by Allergies, Airborne Irritants and a lot more.”

Common Causes of Asthma

Two main factors contribute to asthma: inflammation of the airway passages and hyper-reactive bronchi.
When triggered by stimulus certain cells lining the airways release chemical substances called mediators that lead to inflammation. This inflammation causes the airway passages to swell, the cells lining the bronchi to produce excess mucus, and the airway opening to narrow.
Hyper-reactivity is when the bronchi respond to stimuli in an exaggerated way by constricting the airway muscles and making it difficult to breathe.
Some stimuli triggers are: different kind of pollen, food, dust, mold, animal hair, smoke, perfumes, deodorants, detergents, chemical vapors, preservatives, food colors, virus, bacteria, emotional stress, cold or hot weather, pharmaceuticals, and many more. Things escalate to an emergency when multiple factors compile on top of each other.
The threshold of a trigger reaction is often influenced by other underlying systemic inflammatory conditions such as food allergies (knowingly or not) as well as latent infections. One of the many surprising experiences from my clinical work has been how many people are unaware of their food allergies. They may be subtle, but they do cause a general state of inflammation anywhere in the body, depending on a person’s genetic profile or make-up.

Finding the Causes and Triggers

It is important to realize that different varieties of allergies and sensitivities and dormant infections together cause Asthma. The question poses: How do we find them all.
There are many different ways to identify the actual inflammatory causes of asthma: One can find them by traditional means and allergy testing. For allergy testing through blood work to be helpful, one needs to look for IgG mediated allergies NOT just IgE related allergies.
What I use is 3 different searches, depending on the presenting individual situation.
1) Genome wide genetic testing will actually reveal the underlying mutational facts.
2) Kinesiology and Muscle Testing with test kits containing vials.
3) Reactivity testing of data bases through new Biofeedback technology (IMAET system).
And of course, samples and items which patients present because they are aware of being allergic to them or they bring in to be tested for by Muscle Reflex Testing (MRT). i.e. “Doctor, can you test me for this shampoo, I have a feeling I may be allergic to it”.
Another important factor is to become aware of the shear number of different items a person can have difficulties with as far as processing them within the body is concerned. This ‘processing’ of allergens means breaking these substances down for metabolism or detoxification, which is executed by an infinite number of enzymes, each of which is governed by a set of genes. And yes, there are lots of mutations within those genes, SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms) being the simplest and most frequent form thereof. The average person has thousands of these simple mutations, causing inflammation within the metabolism. Remember, metabolism happens at the cellular level. It’s our cells that execute all fundamental functions of life, and it’s in the nucleus of each cell where our DNA is located. Oh, and did I mention, you are made up of 100 trillion cells.

Treating the causes

The SHOW Method spells out a protocol on how to effectively eliminate and alleviate each layer of these allergies and irritants. I personally experienced this phenomenon of gently and non-invasively reducing allergy-driven inflammation first over 15 years ago with a technique known as NAET® (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique). Building on some of this knowledge, I have developed a drug free and natural solution to alleviate allergies of all types and intensities, the SHOW Method. It’s using a blend of selective energy balancing, energy testing and treatment procedures from acupuncture/acupressure, allopathic, chiropractic, nutritional, and kinesiological disciplines of medicine as well as sophisticated software technology.
How can we accomplish the alleviation of inflammatory triggers and allergies?
Besides common sense lifestyle choices, particularly a nurturing diet, high in nutrition and low in chemicals and toxins, we can harmonize genetic expression with special energetic signatures that resonate with particular low functioning or dysfunctional genes belonging to dysfunctional enzymes. Enzymes are the workhorses of our bodies and execute all biochemical reactions in the body. If done correctly, this energetic biofeedback appears to harmonize genetic expression of metabolism and immune function. The benefits of this improved genetic expression being a decrease in allergic sensitivity and inflammation, better detoxification capability and increased immune function.

I have seen life long cases of asthma resolve completely. In older people it takes more work, more treatments and longer treatment periods. In young people it’s a rather quick and more efficient process. The lifelong benefits and the freedom of not being dependent on an inhaler are remarkable, I feel. Another big advantage for younger people receiving these kind of energy treatments is what I have observed and science is confirming, that because these treatments are changing genetic expression the improvement in function is also heritable.
My book “One Thousand Shades of Pink” has 2 different chapters about Asthma cases of an older person and a young person. It’s an interesting and funny read, and a bit more in detail.


Asthma in many cases can be permanently alleviated by following the described trail of allergies, infections and mutations. In some cases emotional traumas are also involved. The treatment protocols are energetic and involve many ancient and modern energy procedures. My SHOW Method is one such technique including epigenetic and genomic knowledge in the protocols.